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Question for Scandinavians
Guillaume Michalakakos
(MX-Board Owner)
Posts 454
07 Feb 2010 13:15

Hallo, Hej, Hei !
  For Michael game, I would try to use a typical scandinavian music instrument : harmonic flute. But after many search I have found only one customer in France : I have buy 2 instruments but I need at least 4 more who have differents harmony. The problem is that I don't know the name of this instrument in nordic languages ^^ : I have found nothing on internet. So I ask you if you can show me a customer who can send the instruments in France.
  If you don't see what is this instrument, here is a picture EXTERNAL LINK and a video EXTERNAL LINK of this wonderfull instrument.
  Many thanks in advance.

Corellamus An Daremus

Posts 41
07 Feb 2010 15:13

Take firstly contact to Sibelius Academy..
From section Palaute/Reply You may ask in english or maybe in french if u feel lucky.
Those persons from there can more throughly answer your questions.
Here's a link to some music samples:
EXTERNAL LINK  (pitkahuilu=pitkähuilu = pajupilli/shepherd's pipe)

So long for now

Guillaume Michalakakos
(MX-Board Owner)
Posts 454
07 Feb 2010 17:16

Sorry, I've make some mistake in my first post. I want to know where I can buy this instrument. I have found only one shop in France and they don't have a big choice.
    I'm seeking to a shop. The customer it's me ^^
    /me very tired, sorry
  Corellamus, many thanks for your answer. With your informations I have find the names of this instrument.
  Norwegian: seljefloyte, Swedish: salgflojt or salgpipa, Finnish: pitkahuilu or pajupilli. (and in english, this is willow flute or sallow flute, not exactly the same than french, now I know why I found nothing)
  I will easily find a shop. :-)
  Many thanks


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