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The NatAmi Project

This hardware project is dedicated to the still innovative system architecture of the Commodore AMIGA computer.

The basic concept is straight: Get the original Amiga design up-to-date.

The NatAmi approach is to rebuild the original system
  • without emulation

  • without abstraction layers

  • without legacy drawbacks

This means the system needs to be built from scratch. It will not use standard PC components when their adaption or implementation causes workarounds which limit preformance, functionality or usability. The priority is to build a very simple system design which is predictive, easy to use and fast responding like the amiga was/is.

The original creators put great effort and many thoughts into how to keep things simple. The NatAmi is intended to keep this guidline as the foundation of its system.

This concept is the project name: Native Amiga

The NatAmi does not revive or copy an A500/A4000. It will be a succeeding Amiga model not done by emulation - it is done by reconstruction. Up-to-date and good performing components are used to retain the efficiency. It will rely on the original philosophy - but remove old limitations.

The NatAmi is an AMIGA compatible machine, allowing you to natively run original Commodore Amiga software.